by Camelias Garden

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Neat and unusual blend of prog, post-rock, and even a pinch of pop - another premium export from Italy. Like Diego Camargo, I'm somewhat alienated by the occasional Auto-Tune vocals, which sound unnecessary cheesy. This, however, doesn't diminish the high quality of the compositions by no means. Especially "Kite" and "Useless" are a pleasure to the ears. Favorite track: Kite.
Diego Camargo
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Diego Camargo In terms of composition Kite is as strong as the band's debut album You Have A Chance. But I keep wondering what they did to the vocals in this EP? Why they crammed all the songs with AutoTune? It's so on the face that's impossible to really like the album, and I'm a fan of these guys.
They also 'modernized' their sound in many ways using electronics here and there to fit the 'new wave of Prog' and I just can't understand, the band had a unique sound, now they seem to be like any other band...
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released May 20, 2015


Valerio Smordoni: Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Simone Contini: Drums
Alberto Cari: Bass


Manolo D'Antonio: Electric Guitar, 6 & 12 Strings Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Gian Marco La Serra: Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

All songs are written by Valerio Smordoni
All songs arranged by Camelias Garden
Lyrics by Valerio Smordoni

Artwork by Isabella Latini

Recorded between 2014 and 2015 at Kate Creative Studio, LRS Factory and Studio Nero (Rome).
Mixed by Christian Valente
Mastered by Fabrizio De Carolis at Reference Studio
Produced by Camelias Garden

We'd like to thank everyone who helped us in making this new piece of heart, especially:
Elisa Mattozzi, Manolo D'Antonio, Gian Marco La Serra, Walter Palombi, Edoardo Arrigo, Marco Avallone, Marco Chiappini, Matteo Rotondi, Chiara Ceppaluni, Christian & Valerio from Studio Nero, Shirin Amini, Isabella Latini, Franca Baldi, Eliseo Smordoni, Giulia Smordoni, everyone at Exitwell, Grinding Halt staff, Simone Tempesta, Claudio Bruno, our families and people around the globe that loves and supports us.

A big hug to Manolo, Gian Marco and Edoardo that began this path with us, and our best wishes for many new musical opportunities, we miss you guys!
And finally a giant thank to Elisa for inspiring and guiding us during this raving days.

we still have our chance : )



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Camelias Garden Roma, Italy

Camelias Garden merge together the acoustic and vocal elements of folk songwriting with the instrumental weavings and arrangements of progressive rock and post rock.

Their music style comes from films, pictures, from green fields and memories of a distant past. The soundtrack of an imaginary movie crafted by vocal harmonies, synthesizers and acoustic guitars.
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Track Name: Rise
In the rising sun
with the battle won
walk away
wait in grace
in the rising sun
Track Name: Making Things Together
Early in the morning, he left
All the way he rides with no rest
He lies his body and his mind
All of his instincts went blind
He asked for something to share
Feeding his wish unaware

And she, she was lying there to nourish his dreams

Nursery rhymes to enchant
Flickering hands prone to hunt
He promised candies and songs
Nothing more silly or more wrong
She wanted colours and laughs
She touched the sky with no burns

And she, she was lying there to nourish his dreams
And he, he was crying there, he felt so alone

They crossed this path through the moon
Dived in this road made of stone
They will live at the dawn
Far from home
Love will grow
Fears have gone
Track Name: Kite

on the rooftops slowly he climbed
in this cold essential night

he was sinking a minute ago

now he found the strength to go

Like a kite he took flight
From this energy he gained life
he deleted these bright stars
from a window they went down
feeling scorn for the human race
then he saw the girl on the shelf
she was shining for his smile
and she opened her mouth and cried:

I discovered you this night

all around these hazy shapes
and your voice was guiding straight

to my silhouette.
I'm the girl of every day

and now I'm praying to see you again
Disillusion guides my hope

I'm being born"

on the rooftops quickly he climbs
she is waiting for his prime
in the smooth, soft grass they drown
in this new world all around
in this sunset red rays rise
 on a frame of subtle skies
they are poised to cross the gates
when a storm upsets the leaves
She begins to withdraw, coward
she has left his hand right now
In a sudden nervous wreck
he takes hold of her neck

I have brought you here tonight
and I knew this storm would arrive
if you look my eyes are bright
for your silhouette.

if you trust of my hand from now
I will do for you this vow
I'll reveal that all around
the world is ours
that all that we do hand in hand
it will be more intense
and I'll fly with you near
beyond what's real"
Track Name: Red Light
Rosie waves through all spring days on a thriving flowering place
if you wanna see her smile you just need to close your eyes
she's the kind of dreamy girl we imagine when we're sad
then one day I left my way and let her drives me mad

So I talked with her 'til night
and we chased the sun to see the red light blending us

Rosie embraces stranger faces giving them a shine
She replaced the sun in place with glasses full of wine
Once she came, I was ashamed, and she took both my hands
trading places, million graces, she upset my mind

so I drownded into her smile
and we were supposed to be the red light blending all of this magical world, green hills not gold we lived in a house by the trees, waiting the dawn

and Rosie flies and takes the rising sun among the hills

There are times when she is mine I might recall these plays
Dreaming fine, both entwined, travelling through same ways

so I made a dream last night
where she the last time I saw her
she tried to hold my hand
when I woke up alone, trying to find my home,
leaving dreams fly away, maybe if I stayed,
she wouldn't turn away
Track Name: The World Inside You
I am persevering in tomorrow
leaving my fears far away
I am aware just of the power
that through the day I would share

all of my skills, soon I'll reveal
from inside, I will rise

take the time you're not alone
you struggle to return back home
place your heart into the sky
the sun will dry the tears you cried
moving through the alleys
traveling worlds beneath the sun
you will find the ruins that you spit out from the past
all the liquid shadows soon will burn until they burst

you will rise from the sky.
Track Name: Useless
One Light for those who hope
One Light around the globe
One Light that gives all the essence to the world

Two blazes meant to be linked
Two voices well in sync
There is nothing to see up there, it's useless to pray

Walk in a river of tears
Blessed by marvelous fears
Until the circumstance gives us the shine
Until the circumstance takes us to grind

We all look up to the sky
We're looking for the way
We always see our horizon far away

Upset you walk astray
You reap the dirt, you moil
You will have regret for your actions, it's useful, they say

Walk in a river of tears
Blessed by marvelous fears
Until the circumstance gives us the shine
Until the circumstance takes us to grind
Until the circumstance gives us the shine
Until the circumstance takes us to grind

You'll forget the reason you lie every day
'cause you'll feel lost in this world that gives you all the blame
You'll become the reason you cry every day
'cause you will not feel right in this world full of hate

and you'll feel like a stone, deserted all alone
the lights will shine on the life you built with scorn
the clouds will roll away, you will refuse to pray
you'll want to flee with all that sand

Walk in a river of tears
Blessed by marvelous fears
Until the circumstance gives us the shine
Until the circumstance takes us to grind
Walk in a river of tears
Blessed by marvelous fears
Until the circumstance gives us the shine
Until the circumstance takes us to grind