You Have a Chance

by Camelias Garden

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Frankly, I like this album much more than the successor "Kite". The compositions are more elaborate, and the sequence of songs has a gorgeous overall flow. The music is clearly rooted in 70's Italian prog, with an obvious affinity to early Steve Hackett and Genesis ("Wind & Wuthering" era). Favorite track: Knight's Vow.
Make Latvanen
Make Latvanen thumbnail
Make Latvanen Lovely album: rich melodies, perfect arrangements. Nice production too, the acoustic instruments come alive on this one. Maybe the most perfect union of folk and prog (bar Jethro Tull) I've bumped into so far. Hoping to hear more some day!
Timo Gratschew
Timo Gratschew thumbnail
Timo Gratschew wonderful and beautiful music. Favorite track: Dance of The Sun/ The Remark/ Dance of The Sun (Birth of The Light).
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released March 20, 2013

Valerio Smordoni: Lead and Backing Vocals, MiniMoog, Keyboards, Piano, Harmonium, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine and Taurus Pedal.

Manolo D'Antonio: Acoustic and 12-String Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele and Backing Vocals.

Marco Avallone: Bass, Synth Bass, Taurus Pedal and Percussions.

Guest Musicians:

Francesco Favilli: Drums and Percussions
Carlo Enrico Macalli: Flute
Andrea Bergamelli: Cello
Eliseo Smordoni: Bassoon
Giovanni Vigliar: Violin

Produced by Massimo Dolce (A.P.B.)


all rights reserved



Camelias Garden Roma, Italy

Camelias Garden merge together the acoustic and vocal elements of folk songwriting with the instrumental weavings and arrangements of progressive rock and post rock.

Their music style comes from films, pictures, from green fields and memories of a distant past. The soundtrack of an imaginary movie crafted by vocal harmonies, synthesizers and acoustic guitars.
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Track Name: Some Stories
On the hill we stood together,
friends were talking noisily rather
whisper close like our mouths doing,
while our little garden's growing.
Blackest hair were blowing through
all my senses full of you,
blinking eyes enlighten on blue
all my shyness merge in you.
All my things were set for you,
all my things for you,
and you smiled me as you were untrue.
All my things were set for you,
all my things for you.
And you left me and I crawled...
Track Name: Dance of The Sun/ The Remark/ Dance of The Sun (Birth of The Light)
I went one day to the old Feng Du,
where my dreamy days collapsing with the ringing of a tune.
All through the autumn cradled wishes of my bloom,
facing every spring an awful harvest, holding on my youth.
The leaden voices boost and foster the eagle's fall.

And every morning wandering round in the dark,
and every damned day wandering down at the dawn,
and every morning a wandering vow fixed the bark.

Walk in the yard with a shimmering light above,
roots of the trees standing off,
leaves will lay down and a withering time will come
roots naively don't know the law.

They peremptorily tidy up every grain
for the brothers almost drained.
A new beginning cyclically returns,
all once lost will merge to one.

And in the nightfall wondering why I'm so far,
and under judgement wondering if I'm so dull,
and in Samsara squandering all I have done.

Light the burrow, feed the breeding storm within,
nervous looking, reach the deepest hidden grin.
Set the borrowed things meticulously I kept.
Carved in my lair, let the trial starts, I'm ready to forget.
Track Name: The Withered Throne
Ron 'n Jane have broke off.
He sent to her flowers but she threw them out of the mailbox.
Ron 'n Jane have broke off.
She can't waste time with him.
Ron was an old boy,
he was trapped in a young body spending his time waiting.
Jane was a bright girl,
she can't waste time with him.
All the time Ron's thinking about Jane
and sees the tin ring slipping from her hand.
All the time Ron's thinking how much silly would be
if she came back to him,
but he can't go on.
Ron started pondering,
he uprooted all the withered vows and flowers down from his vase.
It was overflowing,
and starting to mislead.
All the time Ron's thinking about Jane
and sees the watercolor painting on his wall.
All the time Ron's thinking how much wonderous would be
if she came back to him,
he can't go on.
Track Name: Knight's Vow
I'll be the man with no stain and no shadow,
devoted to a sacrifices' life.
I'll be the man full of healthy values,
my mother will be proud of her lessons.
I'll be the man that doesn't split the difference,
I'll not be afraid of reaching no balance.
I'll be the man who makes ends meet,
I'll be the one like any other.

But I'm just a child.
I have still fear inside
to wake up in the morning and to face the real world outside.

I am the one who clutches at straws,
yes I'm the one you rely no more.
I am the one who spends the day waiting,
to wait the wait and waiting the crash.
I am the one who dreams of no sleeping,
wasting the sunlight trying to find the key.
I am the one who cares of no substance,
I am the fool you're cursing right now.

I'm just a lame.
I have fun just to wait.
I wait my dreams to come true while I restart to fly in my turbid blue.
Track Name: Clumsy Grace
Back at the tail of noises, I met you.
Ruffled-tied brown hair,
and a white ivory face studded with red flecks.
I didn't care much about you, you were shy.
Had a tracksuit on your breasts,
you moved nimbly in the crowd when I looked at you.

Oh my chest was empty...
You were calling me,
you were dreaming beside me,
you were putting a smile
on this fake adult-looking face.
I escaped from you,
in the darkness I ignored you.

Once at the top of the grassroots, I saw you.
with a red hairband put on,
and a shiny witting light stood up from your eyes.
I watched astonished the clumsy grace you gave.
Took some money from mom's purse,
bought sunflowers that I heard are your favorites.

But your mind was whirling...
I was calling you,
you had never felt this warmth on you,
you were blooming girl.
I was going mad, it was all too frail.
You had give me a chance,
you looked back as the morning came...
Track Name: Mellow Days
Lay me down.
In the chill of December,
oh lay me down.
When the winter's call surround you, you're so cold.
When I think of you my soul
fill the world.
Lay me down,
in the will of this ending
oh Lay me down.
While I sing for you of the rainbow, I have got
all the meanings of your soul.
Think again that world and
I, I can see the light.
And you, you become so true,
mellow days recall your name.

Laid you down.
In the blooming of the springtime,
I laid you down
in a moment, all the winter passes through
all the lonely days, that you
left me for a whim.

Oh I, I can't see the light,
while you, you become so cruel.
Mellow days are wrecking me.

Oh Lùthien take me with you.
Sing together by the sea.
Leave your emerald deathless cloth,
I'll sow just the mercy.
Track Name: 'Til The Morning Came
Hey Savior,
are we all alone?
We climb on the hoping string,
aware of this certain aim.
Our voices are loud,
the curtains unlocked,
the world sets the blocks you lost
on your ancient walk upon earth.
We face water tiles to reach
the cloudy roof of your home.
The golden gates that
we've drawn in mistake,
are only some rusted stars
to which we cling once get lost.
This abstract shape left me stunned.
Hey warrior,
the path is so hard,
you watch deeply to the sky
the signal soon will arrive.
You walk blindfolded,
the light filters colder,
the loneliness that you feel
is granting the last Savior's will.
You'll find people on their knees
to bear fears on Savior's name.
Your errant walk's flicking,
the memories are waving,
as soon as the sun will rise
the dance of your mind will restart.
Her clumsy grace will return
to justify...

Flowing hopes in the jars now broken,
in the stream of growing thoughts.
Lord I could stay awake 'til morning,
in the hope one lord will come.
Track Name: Some Stories (Reprise)
Now boy, stop to chase the wind your life flows,
you're hidden between the stories
of someone across the stars.
Some days you're fighting the evil,
some days you're begging a chance
beyond the galaxies far away.
But then, when the illusions fading,
you're tearing apart,
retrying to fill your heart.
Then you realize that the world
needs to fight some different wars,
then you need your own story to begin.

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